Business Pass project

Our Services

Our team consists of private expert consultants with corporate experience since 1996 on international transactions, having key access on sourcing commodities and services, offering an optimized “best value offer” on the markets worldwide. Our core sectors of expertise are strategic financial investments, professional services, commodities and outsourcing.

EU Qualification project


A diversified range of products, from foods to construction, from edible oils to chemical oils, from civilian to military, and other.

Agriculture investments

EU projects, irrigation, joint ventures, farms, farm lands, litigation and compliance.

Optimized approach, growth and financial consultancy, further development after project(s) set-up.

Analyzing and optimizing project portfolios, pro-active insights, finance specialists, fast results.

Green energy consultants, specialized in developing and managing sustainable projects.

Powerful expertise to create and manage your projects progress, under our consultants supervision.

Main Trading Areas

We are strongly engaged with our suppliers and venture partners in trading worldwide, through our network of large-mid refineries and mills, brokers and traders, specialized on:

  • the Energy sector
  • the Oil & Gas sector
  • the Food & Agricultural sector
  • the Military sector

Our Philosophy

  • World class team with absolute results focus
  • Integrated strategy and client based approach
  • Daily market analysis for optimal performance

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