China Romania Business Club

The club was founded in Bucharest in 2015 by a group of businessmen from Romania and China. 

Romanian-Chinese Business Club aims to both develop economic and trade relations between China and Romania, and to stimulate bilateral investments. 

The members of this club are Romanian and Chinese citizens, which are important decision policy makers and opinion leaders of the two countries, namely: diplomats, corporate executives, bankers, businessmen, institutions, NGO’s, private individuals, etc.

How to contact the Club:

  • President of the Romanian-Chinese Business Club: Mr. Gigi Rizescu

  • Email:

  • Mobile: +4 0 760 719 760

Some of the club member benefits:
罗 - 中 俱乐部 成员 所 享受 的 优惠 如下

  • Participation in a group of elite companies Romanian-Chinese (属于 罗 – 中 公司 小组 成员)
  • Establish business relationships in an environment conducive Romanian-Chinese (罗 – 中 商业 建立 关系)
  • Exchanging experience between the two countries (两国 之间 经验 交换)
  • Facilitating bilateral investment (利用 双边 投资)
  • Development of economic and trade relations (发展 经济 和 贸易 关系)
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