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Our mission of private investors is to participate in the creation of a friendly business environment, the mechanisms of a functional market economy and to influence the economic policy of the Government, in the sense of strengthening the private sector for the benefit of our country and of our partners.

Regarding Romania, private investors constitute the binder and the basis of the free market economy, making it possible to assert the Romanian capital and the middle class not only in the economic configuration of Romania but also in the wider European framework.

The main purpose of our organization is the further strengthening and consolidation of an institutional position capable of more active support for the interests of our members and partners, directly contributing to the evolution of the Romanian society at large.

In all the public outputs related to the economic crisis and its effects we have started from the impact analysis on the economic-financial sector and the consequences at social level. Therefore, the need to adopt high-impact measures became even more pronounced as the extent of the economic crisis affected the economies of several states, regardless of the geographical area, natural resources, raw materials and accessibility of the workforce.

For the aforementioned purpose, our organization offers assistance to our members and partners in accessing the Structural and Cohesion Funds allocated by the EU, among many other services, assisting in the development of efficient strategies and facilitating contacts and diplomatic relations meant to support the beneficiary companies, state owned or privately owned.

Following our principles, lets identify together the framework to cross the territorial, political and economic boundaries by identifying a common denominator based on innovation, industrialization and, above all, on unity.

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Our strategies are build from the ground to provide unmatched performance and fast teamwork, to the best of our abilities.

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Our efficient “know how” is battle-tested and will not only guide you for the best marketing strategy but will also automate it for you, on the long run.

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We will give you powerful insights to track your progress and identify the points you need to work on.

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